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Time Zone and Business Hour Settings
Maximizing Engagement with Custom Business Hours
Maximizing Engagement with Custom Business Hours

Understanding your account's Business Hours settings, and how it can be leveraged.

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In today's digital age, providing timely and responsive communication is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement. Recognizing this, Verse offers the flexibility to set custom Business Hours for your account, ensuring that your interactions with leads are both efficient and considerate of your operational hours. This article explores the benefits of setting custom Business Hours and how you can leverage this feature across different aspects of the Verse platform.

Why Set Custom Business Hours?

Custom Business Hours allow you to define the specific times when your business is operational and available to accept calls. This customization ensures that your communication strategies are aligned with your business operations, providing a seamless experience for your customers while optimizing your internal workflows.

Leveraging Custom Business Hours in CallConnect Campaigns

For businesses utilizing CallConnect campaigns, setting custom Business Hours is essential to ensure that lead transfers to your Call Center are attempted only when you are open to accept them. This consideration prevents any misalignment between consumer expectations and your availability, enhancing consumer satisfaction and the efficiency of the lead management process.

  • Scheduling Call Backs: Leads that come in outside of your Business Hours are not left in limbo; instead, they are carefully managed and scheduled for callbacks during your operational hours, ensuring that every lead is given the attention it deserves at the right time.

SMS Templates: Adding a Personal Touch

Verse's SMS Templates feature allows for an "Outside Business Hours" variant, offering a unique opportunity to personalize communication based on the time of contact.

  • After-Hours Engagement: Informing leads that they have reached you outside of your Business Hours, but can continue the conversation via text, adds a layer of personalization and transparency to the interaction. This approach not only acknowledges the lead's initiative to reach out but also sets clear expectations regarding response times, enhancing the perceived quality and authenticity of your communication.

Automated Texting Hours: Aligning with Your Business Schedule

When you set custom Business Hours, you also gain the ability to apply these hours to Automated Texting Hours. This feature ensures that your automated communications are even more finely tuned to your operational schedule, preventing any automated follow-up texts from being sent outside of these hours.


Setting custom Business Hours on your Verse account is a straightforward yet powerful way to enhance lead engagement and optimize your communication strategies. By ensuring that your interactions with leads—whether through call transfers, SMS, or automated texts—are aligned with your operational hours, you foster a more responsive, respectful, and efficient communication environment.

To set up or adjust your custom Business Hours, please reach out to your Verse account manager. They will assist you in tailoring this feature to best suit your business needs, ensuring that your communication strategy is as effective and considerate as possible.

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