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Understanding Acceptable Automated Texting Hours
Understanding Acceptable Automated Texting Hours
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At Verse, we prioritize both effective communication and respect for personal time when it comes to interacting with leads via SMS. Our "Automated Texting Hours" policy is designed to ensure that automated follow-up and nurture texts are sent during appropriate times, taking into account the lead's local timezone and our standard system hours. This article explains how our Automated Texting Hours work, helping you to understand and manage your communication preferences more effectively.

Automated Texting Hours Overview

Our Automated Texting Hours are based on four primary factors:

  1. The Lead's Local Timezone: We ensure that all automated communication is time-appropriate for the lead's location.

  2. Federal Holidays: To be extra cautious, we observe the Federal holidays even if it not specified by each state, adjusting our calling and texting schedules accordingly (New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day).

  3. Standard System Hours (9 AM - 8 PM): Our platform is programmed to prevent any automated follow-up or nurture texts from being sent outside of these hours. This means no automated follow-up calls or texts are ever sent after 8 PM or before 9 AM, according to the lead's local timezone, ensuring that we respect the personal time of your leads, and adheres with Federal Laws.

  4. State Specific Restrictions: Some states place additional restrictions on calls and texts. At, we prioritize compliance with state-specific texting and calling restrictions to safeguard our customers from potential legal concerns.

Exception for Initial SMS on Lead Creation

While follow-up and nurture texts are restricted to the System Hours, there is an exception for the very first SMS sent when a new lead is created:

  • First SMS Upon Lead Submission: By default, our platform sends the first outbound SMS immediately upon lead submission, regardless of the time. This is based on the assumption that the consumer has just filled out a form requesting information from your business, and is therefore considered a transactional text that is time sensitive. This first message offers the consumer the option to engage in an SMS conversation with your business at that hour, which can be a preferred time for many.

However, we understand the need for flexibility and respect for personal boundaries, which is why this setting can be adjusted:

  • Option to Delay Initial SMS: If you prefer that the initial SMS for leads created outside of System Hours be delayed until 9 AM the next morning, you can request this change. Please reach out to your account manager to adjust this setting.

Handling Inbound SMS 24/7

Our platform operates around the clock, ensuring that any inbound SMS received, regardless of the time of day, is promptly responded to. Our system is designed to engage in two-way conversations with consumers at any time, providing immediate responses to inbound messages.

It's important to note, however, that while we can respond to inbound messages at any time, automated follow-up texts to unresponsive leads will strictly adhere to the Automated Texting Hours.


Our Automated Texting Hours policy is a testament to our commitment to respectful and effective communication. By balancing the need for prompt follow-ups with the importance of respecting personal time, we ensure that your leads receive timely, appropriate communication that respects their preferences and time zones.

Should you have any questions about this policy or wish to adjust your settings, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for personalized assistance.

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