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Revenue Generation Metrics by Verse
Revenue Generation Metrics by Verse
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Verse now offers a new insightful feature that will greatly aid in measuring Verse’s impact on your revenue generation efforts.

Introducing our "Revenue Generation Metrics" feature, which enables you to effortlessly track:

  • The conversion of leads into actual sales.

  • The exact revenue associated with each lead.

We believe this enhancement will provide valuable data for your business and more visibility into your ROI with Verse.

We are more than happy to assist you in the setup process. Feel free to skip the steps below, and your Account Manager can set up a meeting with our integration team to assist.

If you’re a self-starter and would prefer to set this up yourself, here are the steps:

  1. Identify how you’re currently storing this information in your CRM

  2. Once you’ve identified this, you’ll need to send these values to Verse once the lead is “converted” in your system

  3. Send the Revenue Generation Metrics via Verse’s external API “Update” method OR use our Verse Zapier App to Update the lead in (both options pictured below)

  4. Let your Account Manager know that you’d like to enable this capability and we’ll configure the integration

External API Option:

Verse's Zapier App Option:

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