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How to create multiple Verse Capture widgets
How to create multiple Verse Capture widgets
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Verse allows you to add Verse Capture to as many sites as you like without any additional cost. You have the option to keep the capture widget look consistent through all pages and sites using a single widget or customize it per page or site using multiple widgets. Multiple widgets are useful for businesses with various brands, sites, or customer experiences.

To create and design a new widget, please navigate to this section of your dashboard by clicking here.

On the right side of the page, you'll see an option to create a new widget. Here you can access your widget code and customize the Greeting, Icon, Brand Color, Position, Titles, and more.

Ready to create a new widget? Follow this guide and learn step by step how to set each widget to have its own configuration and design.

Need more information before getting started? No problem! You're welcome to book a quick guided demo by clicking here.

Have a question? Email us at to reach a member of our team.

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