Insights Dashboard

Upon logging into Verse, you will be presented with your Insights Dashboard. This is where all your lead-specific analytics live.

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Lead Export

The lead export function can now be found using the button at the top of your insights dashboard. You can find more detailed information on the lead export function here.

Insights Dashboard

The first section of the dashboard will give you a general overview of your analytics. You will see Total Leads Received by Verse, Response Rate, Overall Qualified Rate, and Qualified Rate from Responsive leads.

You can adjust the filter for this information on the right-hand side. You can filter by Date Range, Lead Source, Lead Type, and Team Member Name.

The next section of your insights dashboard will be a line and bar graph giving you visual data based on the Date Range you selected above.


You can drill down in this date range using the tabs at the bottom of the graph labeled Date Drill Down. You can drill down by Day of Lead Created, Week of Lead Created, and Month of Lead Created.

At Verse, we are more than just a lead qualification service. If we were to only focus on the qualification rate and response rate, we would be doing a disservice to our customers. The next section of our Insights Dashboard gives you data around the Time Saved by using Verse. We take a lot of time-consuming tasks away from your team, allowing you to save money and better prioritize your staff’s time.

This information is gathered based on your selected date range in the first Insights section. We can measure this and present it by showing you the number of Leads Nurtured, Leads Qualified, leads who Responded, Incoming SMS (number of inbound SMS messages we answered), SMS Sent, Incoming Calls, Phone Calls Made (Outbound calls made), Incoming emails, Emails Sent, Notes Taken, and Live Transfers Attempted.

All of this information shows you the tasks and actions Verse has taken on your behalf to help save you and your team more time.

To give you more detailed information about the unqualified disposition of your leads we created the Leads Overview section.

In this section, you will see a pie chart giving you a visualization of the reasons your leads were unqualified in the date range you chose.

We also give you a bar graph visual of the number of leads unqualified per lead source. That graph will be found to the right of your pie chart.

We give you a table to view the Number of leads and % of leads Unqualified per Unqualified Reasoning. You also have a table giving you more details about your Lead Sources. We provide insights about the Number of Leads, % Responded, and % Qualified for each Lead Source.

Another benefit of utilizing Verse for your lead qualification is that we are working leads 24/7. With the combination of our proprietary AI and Human Concierge team, we can work your leads on Nights and weekends when you can be spending time with your family or taking appointments. We give you the data surrounding that in your Insights Dashboard as well.

We provide the % of Lead Received on Nights & Weekends and % of Leads Received during Business Hours as well as the Number of Leads, % Responded, and % Qualified based on when they came in.

If you have any Team Members under your account, you can get more detailed information based on your Team Members. We provide that in the Team Member Overview. We give you the Number of Team Members Receiving Leads, and a spreadsheet with each Team Member and their Number of Leads Received, % of Leads Responded, and % of Leads Qualified.

The final section of the insights Dashboard is the Lead Search. You can find more detailed information on the Lead Search functionality here.

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