What is Soft Appointment-Setting?
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This type of hand-off gathers the best date/time that leads prefer to be reached back out to. We typically see this phrased in a script as a "Best time to reach" question, and works great for use-cases where leads are pre-assigned to a sales rep in your CRM and organization in advance, delivering each individual sales rep a highly qualified lead, without the expectation that the sales rep will be able to call each lead back in 5-10 minutes (i.e. the Hot Transfer scenario above).

Who is this recommended for?

  • Companies with leads pre-assigned to sales reps in the CRM in advanced.

  • Companies who have sales rep on the go (like Realtors or Loan Officers).

  • Lead generation companies.


  • Leads will be set with a soft appointment date/time to reach out to

  • Sales Reps will have the opportunity to modify this to their schedule further by following with each lead thereafter


  • Leads can forget their soft appointment if no efforts were made to remind them of it (can be mitigated with Script Verbiage and proper process setup on the customer’s end)

  • Higher chance for leads to drop off during the process of gathering a date/time to reach back out to the lead.

Script Examples:

  • Soft Appointment by SMS Example

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