What is Call Ready/Quick Convert?
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This type of hand-off is set up to immediately transfer hot leads as soon as they have answered all your custom questions and met your criteria to be deemed a good fit. Rather than having our representatives set up an appointment with the lead via a Calendar Booking link, we can hot transfer digitally to your CRM for your internal sales team to take the next step with the lead.

Who is this recommended for?

  • Companies with a large number of team members in house who are ready to hop on these qualified leads quickly and place outbound calls quickly.

  • Companies staffed at least 6 days a week to make calls quickly.

  • Companies who can typically place an outbound call to qualified leads within 15 minutes (ideally 5 minutes).

  • Companies who want quick lead conversions so that their teams can follow up and fill up their call queue with highly qualified leads, confirmed interested and expecting your call.


  • Maximum Opportunity for Qualified Leads - Leads will not drop off during an appointment booking step.

  • Your sales team can always have a queue of the hottest leads ready to be called, that are deemed both qualified and responsive, usually awaiting a quick call back.

  • Sales team morale improves as in house sales reps get a queue of hot leads they know are qualified.


  • Leads qualified outside of business hours can be harder to get a hold of (can be mitigated with Script Verbiage and proper expectation setting with the consumer).

Script Examples:

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