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We put this glossary together to help you better understand the Verse platform and its various features!



A new lead in the Verse system and actively going through the engagement process.


Artificial intelligence is leveraged by Verse in order to achieve instant engagement and automate conversations when possible.


All leads ever sent to your Verse account with the ability to search leads by Name, Phone, Email, Source, and Team Member.


Every account created in Verse is assigned a unique account ID which is also used as your API Key. This Key is to be used when linking your Verse account in Zapier.

Basic Info

A section of your dashboard that allows you to edit the following personal details: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.


A third-party scheduling application that can easily sync with Verse for appointment booking.

Call Connect

Our AI + live agents nurture leads via SMS and when prospects are ready to connect, we live transfer them to your internal reps via inbound calls.

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Chat History

A section of the Lead Profile that shows the full 2-way conversation between Verse and your leads in real-time.


Stands for Content Management System. With Verse Capture, you can easily install your website widget onto your CMS or website builder.


A section of the Verse dashboard containing Text & Phone Notification settings.


The representatives or live agents that engage with your leads and provide a human touch.


A section of the Verse dashboard that contains your unique email address and unique account ID which is also your Verse API Key. If you need help connecting a lead source or CRM, email our team at


A conversion happens when a new lead in Verse is sent back to you as Qualified.


Stands for Customer Relationship Management. Verse is able to integrate with many common CRMs in order to push lead updates and log activity.


Date Created

The date a lead was created in the Verse system.

End Conversation

A feature that allows you to end the conversation on any active lead from within your dashboard.


Greeting - Verse Capture

The text that shows above the Verse Capture widget installed on your website. Customizable from within your dashboard.


The analytics portion of your dashboard with reports on lead qualification, lead engagement, activity, and more.


A section of your dashboard where you can view and download invoices.


Labels - Verse Capture

Specific to our Verse Capture solution, Labels include a customizable Disclaimer and Custom Confirmation Message.

Last Activity

The date of when the last activity took place on a lead.

Lead Details

Contact information is stored for each lead in the system and includes first & last name, email, phone number, and address when applicable. Lead Details can be found in your dashboard and qualification emails.

Lead Summary

An updated summary is provided to you upon qualification and includes responses from leads and notes from our conversation.

Live Transfer

A feature of Call Connect.

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My Leads

The main section of your dashboard contains all lead data and includes the following buckets: All, Active, Qualified, Unqualified.

New Lead

The Lead Status for Active leads in the system still going through the engagement process.


Notifications occur when leads are Qualified, Unqualified, or when a note is added by Concierge. Notifications for Qualified leads can be enabled for SMS alerts & email. However, Unqualified lead notifications are emailed only.


Leads are nurtured after the first week of the engagement process and can run for 6-12months depending on your account. Nurture campaigns are text only and vary based on industry.



A section of your dashboard that includes settings for your Basic Info & Company Info.


Newly captured warm leads with the potential to convert into opportunities.


Leads are considered Qualified once they show interest, meet the custom qualification criteria, and their contact information has been verified.



Stands for Short Message Service, and it's the most common form of text messaging used today.


The name of the source generating leads being sent to Verse. The source name is stored and used for tracking/reporting purposes.

Status (Lead)

To represent where the lead is at during the engagement process. Either "New lead", "Qualified", or "Unqualified".

Status (Team Member)

To represent the status of each Team Member's account being added via the admin dashboard. Either "Active" or "Inactive".


A section of your admin dashboard where you can search, invite, promote, or remove Team Member accounts.

Team Member

Essentially a sub-account under the main admin account with access to its own dashboard, lead routing, notification settings, and reporting.

Unique Email Address

Your unique email address is used to receive new leads via email parsing. Speak with a member of our team to know if this setting works for you.


Leads are considered Unqualified when they have incorrect contact information, do not meet the custom qualification criteria, ask us to stop, or are unresponsive to all attempts.


Verse Capture

Install the Verse Capture Widget and let us transform website traffic into real-time text conversations and generate new leads for your business.

Verse Engage

Send Verse your new leads and allow us to instantly engage and qualify prospects 24/7 at pivotal moments on the customer journey.

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Verse Revive

Send Verse your database leads and let us spark new conversations with existing customers and prospects and discover hidden revenue pipelines you didn’t know you had.

Website Widget

A chat widget that is installed on any of your websites when you sign up for Verse Capture.

Widget Code

A code snippet that is added to your website when installing Verse Capture.


Zapier is a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows. Very popular when integrating Verse with your CRM.

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