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Installing Verse Capture
Installing Verse Capture on Boomtown ROI
Installing Verse Capture on Boomtown ROI
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  1. Copy the Verse Capture code to a clipboard (click here to find your widget code)

  2. Email with the widget code and ask that they help set it up on your website

  3. Once you receive confirmation from Boomtown that your install is complete, refresh your website and look for the Verse Capture widget.

    Here's an email template for you to easily copy and paste:

Subject: Verse Capture Chat Widget Install

Hi there!

Could you please help me install the Verse Capture Chat Widget on my website?

The code snippet to install is included below and here are the general instructions provided by


Thank you!

Final Step: Once your widget is installed, submit a test lead by entering your contact information using your Verse Capture Widget. To ensure a successful launch, be sure to check for your test lead via the My Leads section of your dashboard.

Need help? No problem! Email to reach a member of our team.

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