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Installing Verse Capture
Installing Verse Capture on Shopify
Installing Verse Capture on Shopify
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  1. Copy the Verse Capture code to a clipboard (click here to find your widget code)

  2. Sign in to Shopify and go Themes > Actions > Edit Code

  3. Search for the theme.liquid file and click to open it in the editor

  4. Find the <head> section of the code and paste the snippet you copied into any section in the header OR scroll to the bottom of the editor panel and paste the Verse Capture Widget code before the ending </body> tag

  5. Click Save

    Final Step: Once your widget is installed, submit a test lead by entering your contact information using your Verse Capture Widget. To ensure a successful launch, be sure to check for your test lead via the My Leads section of your dashboard.

    Need help? No problem! Email to reach a member of our team.

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