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Why is Verse Capture better than other chat widgets?

Like most chat widgets, Verse Capture lives on your website and acts as a lead generating tool. What set's us apart is how we turn website visitors into 2-way SMS conversations. Now customers are able to interact with your business 24/7 from the convenience of their cell phone. Clients on Verse Capture generate more leads from the website traffic they already have. Saving you time and money!

Can I send leads to Verse from sources outside of Verse Capture?

Your subscription can only be used for Verse Capture leads. However, if you are generating more leads than you or your team can handle, we recommend booking a demo to learn about Verse's other solutions such as Verse Engage & CallConnect.

Where do I locate my code snippet?
Under Settings > Verse Capture, you will find your unique widget code snippet. Learn how to access your account settings by clicking here.

How do I know which CMS was used to build my website?
Go to and enter your URL.

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