Installing Verse Capture on Wix
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  1. Copy the Verse Capture code to a clipboard (click here to find your widget code)

  2. Sign in to your Wix admin account

  3. Go to Settings via your Wix dashboard

  4. In Advanced Settings click Custom code.

  5. Click Add Custom Code.

  6. Paste the Verse Capture code snippet in the text box

  7. Add a name for the code

  8. Under Add Code to Pages select All Pages

  9. Select to load the code once per visit

  10. Select to place the code Body - end

  11. Click Apply

Final Step: Once your widget is installed, submit a test lead by entering your contact information using your Verse Capture Widget. To ensure a successful launch, be sure to check for your test lead via the My Leads section of your dashboard.

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