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Enable Qualified Alerts

Determine how you want to receive notifications.

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Once a lead is Qualified by, you’ll receive a text message and email right away!

To manage your notifications, please navigate to the Communication section of your dashboard by clicking here.

From there, you can set a primary email address, add additional email addresses, and have one mobile phone number. If you would like to Receive Text Messages for qualified leads, be sure to toggle it ON.

Tip: For Qualified Leads, reference the Concierge Notes in the email notification and review the conversation in your dashboard so you are fully informed when speaking with your leads. It’s always best to reach out to the lead right away unless specified otherwise. Try giving them a call and if they don’t respond, send a text to follow up! Be sure to reference “Alex” (or the name you have saved for your Concierge). For example, “Casey mentioned that you were looking for… and we are excited to get started!”

Optional: Click here If you would like to learn how to update your CRM using Zapier. If you do not own a Zapier account click here to learn how to get started.

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