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Reducing “No-shows” for Hard Appointments
Reducing “No-shows” for Hard Appointments
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Verse has qualified an appointment, and you are concerned because the lead no-showed for your appointment, or they are completely confused as to why you are calling during the appointment time.

Below are a few steps we can take to help mitigate this issue:

Closing text:

  • Inform the prospect of who will be in contact with them next and include their name and/or contact information

  • Inform qualified leads to be on the lookout for a call from (XXX) area code

  • Create closing scripting that can inform qualified leads of what will be discussed during the appointment

Appointment Reminders:

  • Leverage your calendar booking system to send out an automated reminder “Alex from XXX booked your appointment with me to discuss XXX…”

  • Send out a text reminder before the appointment to ensure a smooth handoff after the appointment is booked/Verse qualifies a lead

Remember: Verse is working to get your leads engaged and qualified as soon as they are ingested into your system. Therefore, it is important for you to reach out to qualified leads (phone call or text) as soon as possible when you are notified of a new qualified lead. It will ensure a smooth handoff from Verse to you and allows you the opportunity to give the lead more details about what will be discussed during your appointment.

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