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Can Verse Create New Leads Via Inbound Calls?
Can Verse Create New Leads Via Inbound Calls?

Learn how verse can create new leads via inbound calls

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Yes, Verse does have the ability to support Inbound Calls as an inbound lead source. By enabling Inbound Calls by Verse, any calls that are forwarded to your dedicated Verse Phone # automatically get created as new leads in your Verse account. Please ensure that you work with your dedicated Verse Success rep to ensure proper scripting and settings are enabled for inbound call leads, as these may require a unique opening greeting, some added questions like “what’s your first + last name” and “what’s your best email”, along with advanced integration (i.e. creating new leads in your CRM), etc..

It should be noted however that Verse is not an answering service, and we do not recommend using Verse as an answering service only. Verse aims to answer between 80-90% of inbound calls that ring for at least 10 seconds. We don’t count any calls that ring under 10 seconds as part of our internal metric. That being said, since Verse creates leads out of these inbound calls instantly, any missed calls are queued up as a high priority task and typically called back within minutes. and if we’re unable to get a hold of them via our call back process, the lead is automatically added to the full Verse SMS outreach campaign as if they were a web lead; therefore nothing slips through the cracks.

Given our 24/7 coverage, we heard from our customers that our answer rate is actually higher than other answering services, and our contact rate even higher than that with our missed call process and subsequent outreach campaign.

If you are interested in enabling Inbound Calls, feel free to email or your designated success rep.

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