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Automatically send new leads created in Teo to Verse and keep your data in sync.

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Sending new leads from Teo to Verse automatically is quick and easy. There are primarily two ways to get leads over from Teo automatically.

  • When a new lead is created in Teo and meets the criteria

  • When a lead is updated in Teo to meet the criteria

The most common method that is used is based on a new lead being created, which is what we'll walk you through here below.

Note: In order to sync this data over to from CRM in real-time, we recommend leveraging Zapier. If you're unfamiliar with Zapier, we highly recommend checking out our article here to learn more.

Start the process by creating a new Zap.

In your Zapier account, click Make a Zap and select Webhooks by Zapier > Catch Hook as the trigger.

This will generate a posting URL that we will add into Teo to grab the lead information. Click Continue and copy the Custom Webhook URL.

Before we continue on, we have to send sample data to post to your Catch Hook. In a new tab, head over to your Teo account. In a new tab, log into Teo and go to Settings and scroll down to Lead Posting. Paste your URL into the field and click Send Sample Webhook. We would suggest toggling off Follow Up.

Go back to your Zap in Zapier and test the Trigger step by clicking Find Data or Test Trigger. This will pull the sample we just sent from Teo.

In the action step, Select Verse from the applications and Create a New Lead.

Connect your account by adding your Verse API key under Connect Account. This API key can be found in your Verse.io Dashboard under Settings > Connections.

Under Customize Lead, map as many fields as you can by selecting the information provided in the Catch Hook.

Finally, click test and Done Editing. Don’t forget to turn on your zap!

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