Mass Lead Upload for Past Leads

How to send Verse your past leads to have them scrubbed

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In order for us to upload your leads to our system, we'll need a CSV file containing all your leads and their information.

Please follow these simple steps to get this process started:

Step 1) Prepare your CSV file

Please download the following template to help you organize your leads. This will provide Verse with all the required information needed to start working on your past leads.

Step 2) Fill out the template with your leads

As you'll notice, the template includes the following fields (or columns):

External Lead ID - We use this field to store your CRM's lead ID in our system for the purpose of integrating back when needed.

First Name - include the lead's first name here

Last Name - include the lead's last name here

Email - include the lead's email here

Phone - include the lead's phone number here

Lead Type

- For Real Estate accounts, please only enter "Buyer" or "Seller".

- For Lender accounts, please only use enter "Mortgage" (for purchase leads) or "Refi" (for refinance leads). .

- For Solar, SaaS, Home Services, and all other accounts, you may use any lead type you wish.

Lead Source - please include the lead source you want us to store for reporting purposes. We recommend to indicate "Past Leads" or "Aged Leads" in the source so you can more easily identify these later, for example: "Facebook - Past Leads".

Street - include the lead's street address here.

City - include the lead's city here.

State - include the lead's state here

Postal Code - include the lead's postal code here.

You'll also see a few other dynamic fields:

Owner First Name

Owner Last Name

Owner Email

Owner Phone Number

Owner Team Name

Owner Calendar Integration Link

We can reference the assigned sales user or "owner" in our conversation with each lead AND notify them directly once qualified!

*Please note: While all of these fields are optional, it is important to note that we'll need either an email or a phone number to be able to scrub your leads.

Step 2) Send Your CSV List To Your Customer Representative


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