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Stay compliant with "Do Not Text" updates in your CRM
Stay compliant with "Do Not Text" updates in your CRM

Automatically update leads in your CRM to "Do Not Text" when a lead opts-out of sms so you can stay compliant and keep this data in sync.

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Whenever Verse receives an "opt-out" request from a lead, whether over the phone, or via inbound sms, the Verse system automatically updates the lead status in Verse to "Unqualified" and sets the "Reason Unqualified" field to "Stop Contact".  By default, Verse also handles standard English-language reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE in accordance with industry standards. These keywords trigger automatic opt-out requests from the customer. 

Note: In order to sync this data over to your CRM in real-time, we recommend leveraging Zapier.  If  you're unfamiliar with Zapier, we highly recommend checking out our article here to learn more.  

Start the process by creating a new Zap.

Step 1) "New Unqualified Lead"  Verse Trigger

Create a new zap with Verse's "New Unqualified Lead" trigger. 

Note: you'll be asked to authenticate with your Verse account if you haven't already done so. If this is your first time authenticating Verse with Zapier, check out our How to Get Started with Verse on Zapier Guide.

Step 2) Add a Zapier Filter step

Add a Zapier filter step and select "Reason Unqualified" as the field to filter by. You can then look for two possible values that we log: 

  • "Stop Contact" - This is the most common explicit opt-out reason.

  • "Known Litigator" - This is not explicit opt-out by the customer.  Our use of extensive APIs and A.I. allow us to track patterns from leads across industries and automatically opt-out numbers that appear suspicious.   

Step 3) Add a Zapier Action Step

From here, you can pretty much trigger any action you want. From a CRM lead record update, to a slack or email notification to someone.


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