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Zapier: What to do if your zap isn’t working
Zapier: What to do if your zap isn’t working

What to do if your zap isn’t working?

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It can be frustrating when your newly-built zap doesn’t work as expected - or when one of your existing zaps suddenly breaks. While there are many reasons why a specific zap may not work, there are a few easy steps you can take to resolve common issues.

Step 1: Find your zap’s Task History. This will give you more information about the problem so you know how to fix it. Below are the steps to find the task history of a specific zap:

  1. Log into and go to the home screen.

  2. Then go to “Zaps.”

  3. Find the specific zap that isn’t working as expected. Then on the right side of the screen, next to the on/off toggle, click on the down arrow.

This dropdown will give you a few options. Choose “Task History” to see more information about tasks for this zap only.

Step 2: Review the Task History. If the zap is working, you should see a green check mark icon and the word “Success” under the status field . Below is an example Task History showing some of the most common statuses and reasons.

Under Task History, you can use the top toolbar to filter the view. You can sort by specific zaps, statuses and dates to help you locate errors more efficiently.

If most of your tasks have been successful - except for one or two specific leads - these are the two most common issues.

  1.  If a lead’s email address is changed, the zap will no longer work for that specific lead. Most programs identify a contact by email address so when the addresses no longer match, the zap will fail only for that lead.

  2. You may have exceeded the number of tasks allowed for a specific period of time. The allowable tasks per day or month will vary based on your Zapier plan.  If too many tasks are attempted, Zapier may delay or stop some tasks.

You can also read more about statuses and troubleshooting a broken zap here or watch a video here.

If you see no task history at all, there is likely a connection issue in your first trigger step. Please review this zap’s first step to ensure the app is properly connected.

If you see an unknown error message, we recommend copying and pasting that message into Google to search for more information. This is an easy way to learn more about what that specific error message means - either from Zapier or other users. An error message may look complicated, but a Google search often shows that the issue is easy to fix.
You can read more about statuses and troubleshooting a broken zap here or watch a video here.

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