What is Zapier?

A brief overview

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Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite programs - from your lead sources to your CRM to Verse.io! With zaps, you can automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and help your programs work together.

Common Zapier Terms

The great thing about Zapier is that setting up an account and connecting your programs requires no technical or coding expertise. There are a few Zapier-specific terms which will help you navigate this new program with more confidence!

Zap - A zap is one automated workflow. You can set up multiple zaps or workflows in Zapier to automate a wide variety of tasks. Each individual zap will have at least two steps - a trigger to start the zap - and an action to automate a task.


Trigger - A trigger is the first step of your workflow or zap. This step is vital because it tells Zapier to start or “trigger” the beginning of the zap.

Trigger Examples: A new contact is created, a new lead registers or a lead is qualified by Verse.io

Action - After a zap is triggered or started, the next step is to take a specific action. You can have multiple actions in each zap, although most zaps will only have one or two actions. An action step is the part of the zap that automates a task you’d otherwise have to complete manually.

Action Examples:  A contact’s notes are updated, a lead’s status is changed or a new lead is sent to Verse.io

Below is an example of a two-step zap with a trigger and an action. Here the zap is triggered when there is new activity on a lead sent to Verse.io. Then the contact in Lion Desk CRM is updated to show Verse.io's latest communication. Instead of having to edit the contact manually in Lion Desk, this zap will automatically add email activity to reflect Verse.io's latest outreach effort.

Task - Each time your zap is triggered, Zapier creates a new “task.” Zapier’s pricing plans are based on the number of tasks or automations per month. You can also track the history of each task within Zapier. This is helpful just in case a zap doesn’t work as expected.

App - In order to set up a trigger or action step, you will need to select an app. Many companies have developed Zapier apps to allow smoother connections between thousands of programs. Below you can see how to search for a specific Zapier app to learn more about that app’s capabilities. If you can’t find a Zapier app for your CRM or desired program, we recommend contacting the company’s support team. Some Zapier apps require an invitation to view.

Pricing- Plans range based on usage. The average monthly cost for an average user sending 1,000 / leads month will cost between $45-70/mo, and for users sending in tens of thousands of leads every month to Verse,  your cost won't exceed a few hundred dollars every month. We think it's incredible value and use it internally to automate millions of tasks every year.

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