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How to Filter Lead Sources for Direct API Connections
How to Filter Lead Sources for Direct API Connections

How do I filter lead sources that are being sent from my CRM?

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Please be advised that the following information is for CRM's that are connected via API. At this time, offers an API connection for Real Geeks, Follow Up Boss, and Firepoint users.  

Log in to your Dashboard, then select the tab for Settings>Connections.

After adding a CRM Connection, settings specific to that CRM will appear. Within these settings, you have the option to exclude which leads are sent to by Lead Source. Alternatively, there is also the option to allow only specific sources to be sent through the API. By default leads across all your sources will be sent to for scrubbing.

When adding a source to the filter, be sure to copy & paste the source channel directly from the CRM. To prevent errors, this information must be identical in both systems. Once a source has been added, press enter, and a bubble will appear around the text.  

Don't forget to click the blue button to Save!  

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