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Sending Facebook leads to via Zapier

How do I send my Facebook leads to using Zapier?

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Part one - Create the Trigger

Step one: Create or log into a Zapier account.

Step two: Click “Make a Zap”.

Step three: Search for “Facebook Lead Ads.”

Step three: Select “New Lead”, then “Save + Continue.”

Step four: Connect your Facebook account to Zapier. When clicking “+Add a new Account”, a pop-up will appear asking you to log into the Facebook profile where you created your ad campaign.

Step five: Click “Save + Continue” to select the correct Page for your campaign. The connection between Facebook and Zapier will not work properly if the wrong Page is selected. Feel free to leave the “Form” field blank, unless it is needed for your unique Facebook ad setup.

Step six: Click “Test+Review” to have Zapier create a sample or test lead for you. If you’ve already had a live lead from the Facebook campaign, Zapier will pull in real information from a past lead. If you haven’t started the Facebook campaign yet, Zapier will create a test lead for you.

Select a sample and click “Continue”.

Part 2 - Create the Action Step!

Step one: Search for’s Zapier app. If you can’t find our app, please contact our success team at for assistance!

Step two: Click “Create Lead” and then select “Continue”.

Step three: Connect your account. A pop up will appear and ask you to enter your Zapier API key. You can find your API key in your dashboard under Settings > Connections. Copy and paste your API key in the Zapier pop up.

Step four: Select your account, and then press “Save + Continue”.

Step five: Expand the dropdown to start inserting the fields from your Facebook Ad. Match the name, email, and phone number fields along with any other corresponding fields available. Pro Tip: If your Ad uses full name instead of first and last name, insert the full name from Facebook into the first name field.
Below is an example of how the matching fields should look. Be sure to match the lead type field to “Buyer” or “Seller” according to what type of Ad you're running.

Pro Tip: You can insert miscellaneous notes under “Lead Comment” if you are wanting our Concierge team view and use this information our conversations with your leads.

You can set the Facebook campaign name to be the “Lead Source” that will appear in your dashboard. That way, you’ll have the ability to keep track of the Insights results for each Facebook Ad.

When all of your fields are set-up, press the blue “Continue” in the bottom right-hand corner.
Step six: Send a test lead to Please note, if you built the zap with dummy information, your test lead will probably not be visible in your dashboard (We have blockers on our end to prevent the dummy information from processing).

If your Facebook ad campaign is already active and Zapier pulls a real test lead, you should see this test in your dashboard. Please keep in mind that this lead will be contacted by our Concierge team.

Step seven: Click the “Finish” button, name the zap and toggle on your zap!

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