How to End a Conversation

How do I stop my Concierge from contacting a specific lead?

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Here at, we understand that you may want to take over the communication with a specific lead. With the End Conversation feature, you'll have the ability to stop us in our tracks!
Please note, you will only have the option to end a conversation with leads under the "New Lead" status. We do not contact any lead after they have been qualified or unqualified.

Step 1. Log in to your Dashboard -

Step 2. Select the tab for Active leads.Step 3. Click on name of the lead you are wanting our team to disengage.

Step 3. In the lead profile at the top right hand corner under "Chat History", click on the End Conversation button.

Step 4. When the pop-up appears, select the option that best applies to the situation.

You're all set! The lead status should now change to qualified or unqualified based on your selection.

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